Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today my "babies" turned 5. I can't say that I rember the last 5 years, but I know there was lots of laughter, a lot of poop (a lot!), too many loads of laundry to count, major milestones met, and lots of tears (both theirs and mine).

Along with some books and new leapster games, my little super heros got real superhero capes from an internet friend who also has triplet boys. On one side of each cape is a Batman cape, on the other side is Flash, Captain America, and Superman. Trey loved his so much that he thinks that he is Batman. I heard giggling from their room after bedtime tonight and when I came upstairs, he was standing on his head. His explination was that Batman sleeps upside down. It took some convincing, but after explaining that Batman only slept upsidedown when he was Batman, not when he was Bruce Wayne, did Trey finally get into bed.

We're going to be celebrating all weekend with our Triplet groups Fall festival (where the Justice League will premier), seeing the Children's Theater production of How I became a Pirate, and dinner at Chuck E Cheese. We've managed to avoid the mouse for five years, but the boys have been asking to go for months. Maybe we can go this time and not again for five more years? Right?

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