Friday, November 28, 2008

Things I'm thankful for and surgery

My hysterectomy was a success.  My doctor was able to keep my ovaries so no menopause for this 29 year old!  We had been telling the boys that mommy had a boo boo that a doctor was going to fix.  After I had my IV out, Eric brought the boys in to visit.  I guess Trey really had been missing me the night before and just wanted to cuddle in the bed with me.  They all asked if I had a band-aid and if I was in the "hopital."  Ryan was my little engineer and wanted to see how the bed went up and down and how the over-bed table worked.  Evan just wanted to color and play with the stickers the nurses gave him.

I had to spend Thanksgiving in the hospital and could only have jell-0 and chicken broth, but I'm thankful for my family, that we are all healthy.  Eric is almost done with his masters, the boys love their school, I have a job and not having to look for a new one in this economy.  

Friday, November 21, 2008

Pink Eye

Trey woke up this morning with a really really really red eye. The longer he was awake, the redder it got. After a quick trip to the doctor, it's not just another sty, but pink eye. It's always comforting when you are told that they'll put a few refills on it for when the other two get it.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Starting over again!

I'm going to give this another try again.  The boys are doing so many new things that I know I forget when they are older and this is the perfect way to remember them.  
For example:
Ryan says that "Life's a butter dream" for row, row, row your boat
Evan calls Ketchup, Chepchup
Trey can tell these fantastic stories that last forever and you can only understand every 5th word.
We've had a crazy few months.  Eric started his second year of grad school (only a few more months left!) and to help save money, he's living at Miami and the boys and I have moved in with my mom.  We have managed to move our whole house into her basement.  It's a tight squeeze, but it's only a few months.