Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thank you Noodle and Co.

Earlier this week, Kendra and I went to get our hair done and stopped at Noodle and Co. for lunch after. They had these really cute chopstick holders and I thought that the boys would love them, so I snatched three - hey, I did buy lunch there, so I could have used them myself.
Tonight for dinner, we had apples and fish sticks and I broke out the chopsticks for the boys to use. They each ended up tearing their apples into bite size pieces and then using the chopsticks to eat. (I don't know how to rotate these, sorry!)

Three monkeys

This picture just says it all:

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

But the cow did

Evan was helping put together a sticker nativity scene at school. He decided that the cow should be up near the top of the stable. His teacher asked him if he wanted the cow to be on the ground and he answered, "Well the cow jumped over the moon." So their nativity scene now has a cow in the rafters!

Ryan the music teacher

The other day, the boys teacher had to show me a video she took of the boys. Apparently, Ryan has decided that he is just like Daddy and is a conductor. He even has his own "band" to stand in front of. The baton is really the bow of a play violin but works well for his purpose.