Thursday, February 11, 2010

Anyone know a good plumber?

We have been lucky with the boys. They did not take diapers off and smear them on the wall, we don't have little strippers (most of the time), there is some toy breaking, but not bad and they have never ever put things in the toilet until last night...
I thought there was a "floater" that was only half flushed because they don't like to flush. After trying to get it to go down and doing my business, I flushed a second time. The water was almost out of the bowl! Yelling for Eric to get the plunger since all things with the "throne" are his job I start to panic that it's going to really run over. Just in time, it slowly starts to drain and Eric decides it's ok and flushes again. I heard a yell, "I need a towel, I need a towel!" Running in, the water was once again about to overflow! The plunger made a rattling sound and after several fishing attempts, a small boulder is pulled out!
When asked this morning, Evan tells us that he did it because he was done playing and it was stinky. The new rule in our house is pee, poop, and five sheets of toilet paper only and I hope that we do not have any more fishing expeditions that may require a plumber.

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